Innovative Professional Development for English Language Development Teachers

2014 spring FTT Registration form and flyer

Our ELD workshops bridge the gap between theory and practice. Our specialty is bringing the how-to, hands-on strategies that practicing ESL teachers need in order to reach demanding academic and language standards.

Innovative ESL professional development for raising student achievement. Watch our one-minute slide show! Click here.

Teacher-friendly, Practical, Hands-on

Spring 2014 FTT Registration form and flyer

Workshop #1

freebie Things That Go! A-J Advanced

Oral Fluency and Vocabulary Development
Workshop #1 is for teachers interested in adding another layer of practical knowledge to their ELD instruction.  Enhance your instruction of oral language and vocabulary development with language games, picture cards, songs, chants, sentence frames, and “make & take” lesson plans.
Portland, OR

Friday ~ March 7, 2014

Workshop #2:

ELD Make and Take Assessment, Persistent Errors and ELD Literacy
If you are ready to tackle the complex issues around teaching intermediate and early advanced students, workshop #2 is for you! This workshop addresses challenges common to more advanced ELLs.

sept 30 2011 pdx workshop make and take•Assessment – how to use it to guide instruction
•Persistent errors made by more advanced ELLs
•Literacy in ELD – what it is and how do we teach it

Portland, OR

Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday ~ February 7, 2014



Workshop #3:

Connections between Common Core Language Standards and ELD

  Friday ~ May 16, 2014 Portland, OR


This workshop is for teachers interested in an in depth understanding of the Common Core Language Standards grades K-5 and how they correspond to what we teach in our ELD lessons. Compare the connections between what we teach in ELD to the standards with activities to make and take.

Workshop #4

Academic Language – The bridge across the Common Core! What is it?  How to teach it!

This presentation is for K-5 classroom and ELD teachers who want to learn more about Academic Language.  The workshop is valuable to teachers of Intermediate and Early Advanced English language learnerAcademic langugae graphics, as well as, native English speakers.  The following areas will be explored and activities will be presented with time to make and take: Phonological Features, Vocabulary and Word Formation, Grammar, Discourse, Cognition!



  • Friday January 10, 2014 – Lane Education Service District (ESD) –1200 Oregon 99, Eugene, Oregon 97402 (Rooms 2, 3, and 4)
  • Friday ~ January 24, 2014 Portland, OR
  • Friday ~ April 4, 2014 Portland, OR

Spring 2014 FTT Registration form and flyer