Kinder & 1st Grade Sentence Starters


Kinder & 1st Grade Sentence Starters – a 64-page packet packed with 42 great sentence starters that will get your student writing. Students love to write about their lives and these sentence starters help them begin. We provide everything your students need to practice writing with Kinder & 1st Grade Sentence Starters!

Our sentence starters are open-ended requiring your students to use higher order thinking skills while practicing their writing. All prompts are in the present tense making it easier for students to express their thoughts.  This packet is perfect for Kindergarten, 1st grade and second language learners at the beginning and early intermediate language levels.

We have included black lines for the following:

  • Kinder & 1st grade sentence starter word wall cards
  • Individual lined papers for each sentence starter
  • Student assessment rubric

This unit includes the black line masters that you will need to develop effective lessons. Use sentence starters to start each day, in writer’s workshops, centers, journaling and more.

We have included sentence starters such as:

I see…

I like to go to the…

This is  my…

Look at me in the…

Each sentence starter is printed on individual cards and lined paper with space to illustrate the writing. Simply copy, cut, and let your students pick the sentence starter that will get them engaged in writing. See all our great math and grammar games.
Lori Wolfe