Collocations – Adjectives and Nouns

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Remember a COLLOCATION is an expression of two or more words that go together.  Collocations “sound right” to native speakers, but are difficult for English Language Learners who lack the native speakers intuition.

Although grammar is important when teaching English, it is also important to teach ELLs which words go with which other words.  

According to wikipedia (, There are about six main types of collocations-adjectives and nouns,nouns and nouns(a….of….),verbs and nouns,adverbs and adjectives,verbs and expressions with preposition, verbs and adverbs.

wide grin

Here is a great list of  Collocations – Adjectives and Nouns
regular exercise
wide grin                               
long journey
maiden voyage
heavy meal
strong feelings
excruciating pain

Click here to go to Quizlett’s flash cards for Collocations – Adjectives and Nouns

What kind of song can you make with them.  Share your songs with us!

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