Favorite Structured Language Practice Activities!

Hi everyone,

Recently I was asked for a list of my favorite structured language practice activities.  There are so many that it was hard to choose just a few.  I began to compile a list of these tried and true old favorites and I thought I would share them here with you.  Each Tuesday for a while I will post a couple of fun activities to promote language practices.  Many you will recognize or remember and hopefully you will find one or two to use with your class!  I would love to hear what some of your favorites are!
Happy Teaching!

Whip Around
1.   Pick an interesting subject for group to speak about.
2.   Post sentence frames for prompts and replies you want students to practice.
3.  Students go around each contributing a prompt or reply that contributes to the topic discussion.
Write, Quiz, Trade
1.   Students write a question and answer on a sticky note.
2.   Students mingle through room to find a partner. 
3.  Each person takes a turn asking his/her question and answering their partners.
4.  When complete, partners trade sticky notes and move to find a new partner.


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