Instructional Programs for ELLs

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For the next few Wednesdays I am blogging about the different programs offered to second language learners.

Today let’s look at
Maintenance Bilingual (MBE/NL)!
According to the Oregon Department of Education – Office of Learning – Equity Unit,

Maintenance Bilingual (MBE/NL)!

Programs are described as:

The Maintenance Bilingual Education, also know as late-exit bilingual education model, or developmental, allows students to become fully bilingual and bi-literate based on the underlying instructional principles of the program.  In contrast to the Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE) Model, whose purpose is the use of the native language to transfer into total English instruction, the maintenance model seeks to maintain and continue to develop the native language as LEP as English.  Native Literacy (NL) may also be included in this program model .  Native Literacy: used generally in elementary school settings (but not limited to) utilizes a student’s primary language in literacy instruction only.
There you have it!  Check back next Wednesday for –  Sheltered Instruction!

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