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For the last few Wednesdays I have been blogging about the different programs offered to second language learners.

Today let’s look at the descriptions of ESL programs.

According to the Oregon Department of Education – Office of Learning – Equity Unit, ESL Programs are described as:

ESL – is a program of techniques, methodology and special curriculum designed to teach ELL students English  language skills, which may include listening, speaking, reading, writing, study skills, content vocabulary, and cultural orientation.  ESL instruction is in English with little or no use of native language.  This may include “push-in” programs as determined appropriate by the district.
ESL Pullout – is used generally in elementary school settings.  Students spend part of the day in a mainstream classroom, and are “pulled out” for a portion of the day to receive instruction in English as a second langauge (ESL).
ESL Class Period – is generally used in middle schools and high schools where students receive ESL instruction during a regular class period and also receive course credit for the class.  Students may be grouped for instruction according to their English language proficiency level.
Content Based ESL – is an approach to language instruction that integrates the presentation of topics or task from subject matter classes (e.g. math, social studies) within the context of teaching the English language.

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