Text Features Song!

Hi everyone!
I am continuing on with my last big language unit for the year; a Compare and Contrast unit using vocabulary from Text Features and Graphical Devices (visual information such as: diagrams, timelines, and flowcharts.)  

I want to share the song I wrote.  My goal was to use text features and graphical device vocabulary,  as well as, comprehension strategies in the song.  This is what I came up with!

Text features song
Listen to me people
You need to take heed
Text features are
Everywhere you read
They are in
Articles, tests, and texts
They are in passages
What’s up next?
Cross section diagrams
Flowcharts, too!
Maps and tables
Guess what’s new!
Timelines and insects
Graphs for you
Surface diagrams and captions, too!
Text features
Read them first
Text features will give you a burst
(Of knowledge not
 found in the text)

Click here to hear my chant!

I am also using one of my ‘Talking in Paragraphs’ charts.  This is a great way to have ESL students practice oral presentations using academic language.  The students also practice what their body language should look like as listeners, as well as speakers!


Happy Teaching!


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