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Since Phrasal Verbs are very common in oral English, their understanding is essential for communication and reading comprehension. However, when writing formally there are two reasons we strive to use the academic or formal equivalents of Phrasal Verbs. First, Phrasal Verbs are highly idiomatic. Formal writing uses Standard English and avoids figurative language and slang. Secondly, when writing formally in English precise vocabulary is expected. Since Phrasal Verbs often have multiple meanings they can be difficult to understand and impede the meaning. Teaching your students the Academic vocabulary for Phrasal Verbs will enlarge their vocabulary and improve their formal English writing!
Informal and Formal Vocabulary – Phrasal Verbs the corresponding Academic Vocabulary

You say put off,
We say postpone,
You say call up,
We say phone.

Meet Common Core standards and raise the academic vocabulary level of your students with this 102-page unit on Informal and Formal Academic Vocabulary – Phrasal Verbs and the corresponding Academic Vocabulary.
This academic Vocabulary grammar unit covers 32 different Phrasal Verbs and the Academic vocabulary that corresponds with each one. Phrasal verbs are verbs that contain more than one word and there are hundreds of English Phrasal Verbs such as: think over (consider), set up (establish), and put up with (tolerate).

Click here to see  Academic Vocabulary – Informal – Formal Vocabulary – Phrasal Verbs

I came across this list of Academic Words at  Click on over and see how the site has tabs for definitions, notes and examples and words only.  They also have tabs for practice and spelling bees.
This is a great list for Vocabulary expansion to help students see the relationship between words.
create (verb)
creation (noun)
creative (adjective)
creatively (adverb)

Their list of words include:

  1. analysis
  2. approach
  3. area
  4. assessment
  5. assume
  6. authority
  7. available
  8. benefit
  9. concept
  10. consistent
  11. constitutional
  12. context
  13. contract
  14. create
  15. data
  16. definition
  17. derived
  18. distribution
  19. economic
  20. environment
  21. established
  22. estimate
  23. evidence
  24. export
  25. factor
  26. financial
  27. formula
  28. function
  29. identified
  30. income
  31. indicate
  32. individual
  33. interpretation
  34. involved
  35. issue
  36. labour
  37. legal
  38. legislation
  39. major
  40. method
  41. occur
  42. percent
  43. period
  44. policy
  45. principle
  46. procedure
  47. process
  48. required
  49. research
  50. response
  51. role
  52. section
  53. sector
  54. significant
  55. similar
  56. source
  57. specific
  58. structure
  59. theory
  60. variable

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