✅ Get to know your English Learners✅

Hello Teachers!
Here we go!  Another great year is coming our way!

Make all your students feel welcome and a member of your classroom community by employing these easy strategies before school starts!

Get to know your second language learners as school gets under way.  Try to find out the basic facts about each second language learner in your class.  Do you know whom they live with?  How many siblings or relatives live with them in their home?  How long has he/she lived in the country or was he/she born here?  If the student comes from another country, which one?  What town or city?  What language(s) is spoken at home?  What prior school experience does the student have?  Are they literate in their first language?

Click to download 2 free handy checklists of the above ideas and strategies.  Follow this easy checklist to be certain to cover all the areas you intend to. 

P.S. A thought on newcomers.  When I have newcomers (students new to my school or to the country) in my classroom I don’t forget to address a human basic need:  safety!   To make the students feel safe and secure assign a peer as the ELLs’ buddy.   Choose peer buddies who know the school and can give the newcomers a tour of the school, rooms, offices, bathrooms and classrooms.  The buddies introduce the newcomers to teachers, staff and aides who need to know that these students are limited or non-English speakers.  This is the first step in providing my students with a safe environment.

 What strategies and activities do you use to design a safe, secure learning environment for your second language learners?  Please share your ideas with us!

Have fun and happy teaching!

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