💕Procedures not Punishment💕

💕Hello everyone!  💕
Holidays are coming and has me thinking about vacation time and students returning to school.  Time to think about reteaching behaviors I expect!

I practice procedures not punishment.   Teaching and practicing classroom routines and procedures reduces many if not most of the behavior problems in elementary classrooms. Engineering the physical classroom for productive passage and explicit teaching is a must!  When students know what to do and when to do it, classrooms run smoothly.
I explicitly teach expected behavior using the following:
  • Provide a rationale
  • Explain expected behaviors
  • Model expected behaviors
  • Provide opportunities to practice
  • Provide feedback
  • Reteach
Some procedures I teach:
  •  How to walk and enter a room
Lead with a smile and positive learning attitude
  • Where to sit
Boy – girl reminding students that when adults are at work they work together
  •  How to sit
I use a story about what students would think if I lay on my table while teaching
  •  What your body looks like as a student
Sitting up straight, eyes and ears on the teacher
Children should be moving while they learn, so I use activities that include action. Motion wakes up a student’s brain, reduces distractions and fidgeting.  Movement keeps learning fun!  Here are some of my favorite vocabulary activities:
·      End of the line
o   Students line up, single file, taking turns naming vocabulary pictures.  Students go to the ‘end of the line’ by walking around the table to line up for another turn
·       Slap it!
o   Lay out vocabulary cards face up.  Students gather round the table, hands on their heads.  Call out a vocabulary word and the first person to slap the card gets a point.

Happy Teaching!

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