Colorful Poetry!

Hello everyone, My darling niece Alex wrote some amazing poetry all around color. Super cool… Pink Pink is the princess in every girl Pink is the shine of a beautiful pearl Pink is a lollipop, nice and sweet Pink tastes like cotton candy , a special treat Pink smells like lovely, light perfume Pink sounds like music that fills all the room Pink feels like a friend when you are love sick Pink looks like a pot of cute lipstick Pink makes me happy and light on my feet Pink is what makes the color wheel complete Blue Blue is sadness, depression, despair Blue is crying everywhere Blue is never having hope Blue tastes like ice cream when you’re trying to cope Blue smells like your friends’ clothes when you’re sobbing on their shoulder Blue sounds like sobbing louder when it gets colder Blue feels like the tears streaming down your face Blue looks like a frown hidden behind a smiling case Blue makes me watch movies that are depressing and sappy Blue is a color that is never happy Green Green is life sprouting out of moist soil Green is a magnificent garden belonging to the royal Green is a tree swaying gracefully in the soft breeze Green tastes like a fresh salad eaten with ease Green smells like a handful of mint, picked fresh and new Green sounds like rustling bushes with critters passing through Green feels like sharp branches poking through your clothes Green looks like a long, thick stem of a deep, red rose Green makes the world full of life and joy Green is the leaves of flowers given to a girl by a boy I hope you all liked them! Thanks for reading! XOXO, Alex Happy Teaching! Lori

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