Terms for ELD, ESL, EFL Teachers

Terms for ELD, ESL, EFL

Terms for 


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Do you ever find yourself confused with the terms for ELD, ESL, EFL that teachers use when speaking of the components of ELD?  Do you sometimes wonder about exactly what we should be teaching in English Language Development (ELD)?

If your answer is ‘YES’ don’t feel alone.  

Many of us need a refresher on these categories.  Here is an easy guide that will clarify the components of great ELD teaching when teaching English Learners.   Share this with your colleagues at your next ELL, ESL, or ELD  meetings so teachers are all using the correct vocabulary as you discuss lesson planning. 

Components of ELD

Terms for  ELD, ESL, EFL

Phonology – terms for ELD, ESL, EFL

The sound system of English.  This basically is the study of speech sounds.

Terms for  ELD, ESL, EFL

Pragmatics – terms for ELD, ESL, EFL

Terms for  ELD, ESL, EFLSituational appropriateness of language use.  I think of it as the ability to take turns in a conversation correctly or organizing written text.

Morphology – terms for ELD, ESL, EFL

The forms and formation of words, that include prefixes, affixes, suffixes, root words, and inflections.

Terms for  ELD, ESL, EFL

Syntax – terms for ELD, ESL, EFL 

The structure of language, including the rules that govern phrases and sentences.  The ability to arrange words and phrases to make meaningful sentences.

Terms for  ELD, ESL, EFL

Language Functions – terms for ELD, ESL, EFL

The purposes of language.  The broad categories we use to express ourselves.

Terms for  ELD, ESL, EFL

Language Forms and Structures – terms for ELD, ESL, EFL

Grammar and language structure.  The grammatical structure we use in sentences to create clear communication.

Terms for  ELD, ESL, EFL

Semantics – terms for ELD, ESL, EFL

The meaning of language.  The meaning of words, phrases, and sentences both oral and written.  This includes vocabulary and academic language.


I hope you find this helpful,
Happy Teaching!

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