Co-Teaching & English Language Learners

Have you ever wondered about 

Co-Teaching and ESL?  

How does it work?  What does it look like? 

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Hello teachers ~ 

I can’t believe it is December already!  Whoa!!!  January is often a month of change and if you are thinking about co-teaching, this post will interest you!  Read on 🙂

Co-teaching is an enjoyable and interactive way to share the responsibility of teaching some or all the students in a classroom.  Teachers with differing expertise, competencies, and /or knowledge come together to create a vibrant classroom full of learning and sharing. Co-teaching is a fun and inspired way for English Language Learners (ELL) and students with differing language levels, prior knowledge, and cultural understanding to learn from two teachers who may have varying ways of thinking or teaching students.

There are three main objectives of co-teaching English learners. 


💧The first objective of co-teaching is intended to expand the range of instruction. Students who are taught using more than one teaching styles often better understand information presented in the classroom.


💧Second, co-teaching is intended to enhance participation of ELLs.


💧Thirdly, it is intended to improve performance outcomes for ELLs.


When co-teaching, both teachers are working together to deliver instruction within one classroom.

The determination of who does what is decided by both the classroom teacher and ELD specialist.  This collaboration ensures a clear understanding about the role of each teacher.


In classrooms where ELD and classroom teachers co-teach both teachers strive to engage ELLs in instruction that is grade appropriate, academically rigorous and aligned with English Language Proficiency (ELP) and Common Core Standards .  Leveraging the expertise of the ELD teacher and the content teacher heightens the success of English Learners.  This collaborative method of teaching assures that English Language Development is integrated into every lesson.


Teachers working together can develop a variety of instructional repertoires. Teaching together brings a fresh and interactive feeling to the classroom as teachers play different, but equal roles in this instructional setting.


When teaching the Language Domain of the Common Core English Language Arts (ELA) standards co-teaching elevates the importance of English grammar, conventions, vocabulary in the classroom for all students.


If you are an ELD specialist or classroom teacher don’t miss the opportunity to co-teach.  It is a rewarding experience and so very beneficial to all students in the classroom, especially English Language Learners!




Happy Teaching!







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