ESL Games In The Classroom Make Learning ESL Math Fun!

As we implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in Math, many teachers are wondering where games fit in. We know that children discover their world and learn through play. We also know that repetition is crucial to learning new skills, especially for second language learners. As Brainscape’s Blog said, Repetitio mater studiorum est | Repetition is the mother of all learning. For children to gain skills and understanding in Math repetition is essential! 

ESL games in the classroom encourage students to practice, repeat and review new skills. Games offer students a hands-on and developmentally appropriate way to explore math concepts too! They also provide the intrinsic motivation that second language learners need to increase and accrue more knowledge in English. Math games fit hand in hand with the CCSS and make the standards come alive for students.

The very nature of games and activities provides numerous methods for basic skills practice and review. Furthermore, using games during math time supplements teacher-directed instruction with opportunities for open-ended, hands-on explorations, and ongoing practice.

All learners including the English Language Learners in your classroom benefit from repetition of ESL games, math games, activities, and language practice.

As teachers of young students, we know that:

  • Research shows that repeated practice solidifies basic facts in students. 

Check out this research from the McGraw Center for Teaching & Learning based at Princeton University about ways to help to encode and solidify learning in any class.

  • Children learn through play. 

Read more about this in a recent research study (January 2022) from Cambridge University.

  • Games are easily focused to specific math skills and concepts. 

Learn more about this through the Development and Research in Early Math Education (DREME) based at Stanford University.  

Balanced Instruction

ESL games in the classroom, including Math games can be used in a variety of classroom situations such as, 

  • whole-group
  • small-group
  • partner
  • family games and activities

These ESL games and activities supplement teacher-directed instruction with opportunities for open-ended, hands-on explorations, and ongoing practice. As you know this is the type of instruction that makes exemplary math programs.

Check out these child-friendly math vocabulary games and activities bundle to give your kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade ESL students meaningful ways to practice and comprehend math vocabulary and more!

Multiple Methods for Basic Skills Practice

The very nature of ESL games in the classroom for learning ESL math provides numerous methods for basic skills practice and review.

Emphasis on Communication

Math vocabulary knowledge is the foundation of math success in second language learners and native speakers alike. Math games encourage students to explain and discuss their mathematical thinking, in their own words in a safe and authentic environment. Math games give students opportunities to verbalize their own thoughts and strategies. ESL games in the classroom give children the chance to clarify their thinking, use math vocabulary and gain insights from others in a real-life situation.

This bundle is packed full of essential math vocabulary words to build a foundation of math understanding. Each unit has 15 carefully selected math vocabulary words that focus on kid-friendly definitions that offer rich information about the concept. To get your copy of this amazing bundle click here.

ESL Teacher tip is to send math games home so families of the English language learners in your classroom can support their kindergarten, first grade, second grade students learning too!

Enhanced Home/School Partnerships

We also know that using math games during “Parent Nights” can provide opportunities for family members to participate in the mathematical learning of their children. Even parents who are too intimidated to come into the classroom show up to help out at math club. Math games put the fun back into learning, the way it should be!

Finally, math games are the perfect complement to before or after school programs, school math nights and summer school programs. Math games are perfectly suited to be checked out as take-home game sets.

So don’t hesitate!Grab an ESL math game for your classroom and get playing today! Click here for your FREE Multiplying by 8 math game!Happy Teaching!

Tips for ESL teachers is to include ESL games in the classroom for ESL math games multiplication, math games addition, and more.

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