Have you taught phrasal verbs?

Teaching English language learners phrasal verbs can be a tricky language challenge, but with knowledge of the three types – phrasal verbs, prepositional verbs, and even the elusive ‘phrasal-prepositional verb’ – they are possible to master.

Why teach phrasal verbs?

I looked into teaching phrasal verbs to my intermediate and early advanced English language learners because I wanted my students’ writing to become more interesting. I felt if my ELLs could learn to use phrasal verbs in their writing it would bring them up a level in English.

I found out that there are 3 types of multi-word verbs:

🌹phrasal verbs

🌹prepositional verbs

🌹phrasal-prepositional verbs


What are Phrasal Verbs?

In a nutshell, a phrasal verb proper is made from a verb and an adverb. Phrasal Verbs can or cannot have direct objects. This appears to be where the 3 types of multi-word verbs differ.

Check out the picture!
Check it out!
Check the picture out!

When a phrasal verb has a direct object we can usually separate the parts.

For example, we say,

“Take off your coat.”
“Take your coat off.”
“Take it off.”
But we don’t say

“Take off it.”
“It take off.”

Although English learners need practice with all verbs, phrasal verbs can be particularly tricky, but they add a lot of color and vibrancy to your students’ writing. Remember, phrasal verbs are everywhere, so keep an eye out for them! And don’t forget to download our phrasal verbs game to help your students practice even more.

I would love to hear your favorite stories and comments about teaching phrasal verbs!

Happy Teaching!
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