ESL Curriculum Map Freebie

– a year-long pacing guide!

Planning for the year can be overwhelming. Many of you have been asking me for my ESL/ELD curriculum map so here it is!

This year-long ESL/ELD curriculum map, broken down by week, will help you plan your year for all 3 language levels.

✅ Beginner/early intermediate
✅ Intermediate
✅ Early Advanced/Advanced

Each month, under each language level there are language components that I teach during that month. You more than likely have your own resources, activities, and curriculum to teach these components.

♥If I have a product that contains all or parts of the language I teach during that month I have listed it. All resource images are clickable links for your convenience. Just click on the image you want to see and it will take you to my TPT store.♥

Each month has a combination of ELD units and/or grammar components essential for English learners. Again choose some or all of what I have here. Feel free to mix it up to suit you!

Click Here to download from TPT!

Every classroom is different! Every teacher teaches differently, and I tried to create this year’s curriculum map with many different types of classrooms and teachers in mind. I know you may need to tweak this to the needs of your students, classroom, and administration. That’s OK! For example, March is a testing month for me. If you need to switch months around to meet your testing time, that is just fine. Do what is best for your students in your classroom.

There is even a column for holidays, which you can use or not use, your choice. How awesome is that people? I mean the whole year is planned out for you.

Click here to download!

Happy Teaching!

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