Place Value

As a new teacher, there’s so much to learn about teaching different topics in your classroom. One of the key foundations of math is Place Value and that can be really confusing for students.

Learning place value through play!

However, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming! You can make this lesson a fun learning experience for everyone involved by understanding the basics and building on that knowledge with hands-on activities and games.

If you are struggling to find a fun way to teach and practice Place Value in your 1st & 2nd Grade classrooms? The math games and activities include 4 great math worksheets and activitiesThis resource includes activities and games with 3 Digits and is perfect for kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd-grade students.

Watch as your students will beg to play these math games over and over again.

Great for differentiation and small group centers. Partner games and individual activities are included in this Math place value packet.

Download the preview for more information on this must-have resource!

2 products in one! Print and digital!

This engaging unit has games and activities including a 20-page Google slide activity!

Printable place value games included in this set:

  • 1s, 10s 100s – Who Has the Greatest Number?
  • Odd or Even?
  • Three in a row
  • Go Fish For Even Numbers
  • Show Me The Number
  • Board and Blocks

We have also included Homework and Assessment activities.

Reproducible black lines included in this Place Value resource:

  • A variety of games
  • Complete game boards and game cards
  • Activity black line masters
  • Assessment
  • Activities to send home
  • Easy-to-use teacher’s guides
  • Easy game assembly

What teachers like you say about this engaging resource!

•This is a great resource with a wonderful variety of activities!

•Students love this!

•I used this activity with my third-grade students as well as with my at-level and above students in first grade.

Happy Teaching!
Let’s Teach! Lori

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