Fact Fluency Multiplication Games

Here are the secrets of building memorization skills of multiplication math facts in students.  Provide daily opportunities to practice.  Mix it up!  You can use games, timed tests, or flashcards to name just a few ways to vary student practice.  Remember, we want students to recall facts in about 2 seconds.  Games are great practice to differentiate the practice

Multiplication Games

Multiplication facts are an important foundation for students to master as they move on to more complex mathematics concepts. But learning multiplication facts can be a challenge for some students. That’s where multiplication games come in! These fun and engaging activities will help your students master their facts while also enjoying themselves. Here are three of our favorite multiplication games.

Multiplication fact fluency is so important because it…

❣️builds a student’s confidence in Math 

🌹provides more thinking time

👀improves the ability to quickly solve more difficult problems 


If you are you looking for easy-to-use multiplication math fact fluency activities and multiplication games to add to your teacher toolbox? This time-saving math resource provides free printable math games for Multiplication by 8 and focuses on multiplication fact fluency.

Looking for daily multiplication practice to build multiplication fact fluency? Then this Fact Fluency Multiplication Games Bundle is for you! You need this Math Games pack of 265+ pages that build Multiplication fact fluency (facts 0-12). The variety of multiplication games included in this multiplication facts fluency bundle will help your students practice and reinforce their fluency with multiplication facts through play.

Our multiplication bundle is a complete package stretching over 12 units, each by multiplication factor. Exciting and engaging multiplication fact fluency games provide a playful and intriguing way for students to become proficient at multiplication facts.

Game boards, time-based tests, and other exciting multiplication resources develop an interest in students so they learn better and faster.

This Multiplication Games bundle is a perfect choice for:

  • Math Centers
  • Multiplication Homework
  • Independent Math Work
  • Whole or small groups
  • Differentiated instruction

There are many ways to use the activities in these packets. Just print and play!

The Multiplication Games package has:

  • 8 different multiplication facts game boards (by factor)
  • 1 blackline of 13 fun multiplication playing cards
  • 1 blackline for the reverse side of the playing cards (Note that the face of the cards is an inverted design of the game boards for easy identification.)
  • 2 black lines to be used as seat work in class or sent home as homework
  • Flashcards and the flashcard answers
  • 5-minute multiplication fact timed test and pictograph to record test scores

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What teachers just like you say about this fabulous resource!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Thanks for this great product!!!!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This resource has been amazing to allow my students to learn and memorize their multiplication facts. They are all so proud of themselves when they can pass a timed test in 5 minutes. They are feeling so accomplished with each step they take. Thank you for providing this resource.

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