ESL Writing Domain

As ESL teachers – we know that one of the most important concepts to teach our English Learners is writing in English.  We need to systematically address the ESL writing domain. Although we know there are different skills that need to be acquired by English learners in order to write effectively, it is always worth a review.

These writing skills include:

  • understanding the syntax structure and lexis of English
  • grasping why certain types of writing conventions apply or don’t apply
  • learning literary techniques
  • being able to compose persuasive arguments and more

ESL and ELL classroom teachers must master the art of teaching ESL writing domain to their English learners. It is important to introduce basic grammar concepts in small chunks, as well as provide timely feedback and encouraging words.

ESL Writing is important to teach our English Learners in order for ELs to write effectively.
ESL Writing

In addition, using guided writing activities such as shared writing time within a collaborative learning environment is also an effective approach. Providing ESL or ELL learners with activities that include real-world texts and contexts for written expression will also go a long way in fostering English language literacy in our students.

ESL Writing Domain Approach

ESL  students require a unique and specialized approach to learning written English, which requires understanding key concepts of the writing domain. These concepts include topics such as:

ESL Writing is important to teach our English Learners in order for ELs to write effectively.
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  • Grammar
  • Syntax
  • Structure
  • Punctuation
  • Mechanics
  • and more

To ensure ESL students maximize their potential in developing strong writing skills in English it is important to provide instruction on these central components early on. Engaging activities like peer assessment, character analyses, using sentence starters, and writing short narratives also help reinforce the language needed for successful English writing.


Encourage your ESL/ELL students to use multiple sources for ideas, including books, films, and personal stories. Spend time teaching useful vocabulary and providing plenty of practice opportunities so that they can internalize these words.  It is through this practice that ESL students build a solid foundation in writing effectively.

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With the right strategies and enthusiasm, you will be surprised at how quickly your English learners can become capable writers. It is important to focus on what ESL/ELL students are able to produce rather than their errors since English Learners may take longer to build a strong foundation in the writing domain.

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Finally, measurable ELL writing success comes from smaller instructional goals related to specific components of writing—from pre-writing activities to paragraph formation and ending with editing and polishing final drafts – rather than focusing on big ideas such as entire essays at once. By breaking down instruction into manageable tasks and providing ESL students with a variety of engaging activities and strategies, teachers can more easily support their English learners in the writing domain.

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