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Greetings, elementary teachers! Are you ready to order up some fun and excitement in your math lessons? Let’s talk about the importance of teaching the ordering of numbers! Think of it like organizing a pizza party – if you don’t put the toppings in the right order, chaos ensues! Same goes for numbers – understanding their order helps children make sense of mathematical concepts, such as addition and subtraction. Plus, it’s a key skill for daily life, like counting money and telling time. So, let’s slice into this lesson with some zest and make sure our little pizza chefs are ready to order up some math mastery!

I stumbled upon a very helpful game to use to enhance the ordering skills of young children.

is a web-based number game, where students click on a button to see predict if the next card will be higher or lower.  Students choose between a higher or lower value.  Students add to their points with each correct answer.

Check it out!  Click here.

Young students can develop a strong understanding of place value when teachers assess their knowledge base before diving into place value.  Make sure your students have the foundation they need to create a strong knowledge of place value.


Games are just so much fun!


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Reading 2 Digit numbers
Addition 0-19


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