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Ready to save some money on the resources you need and want the most? You are in luck with the Math Sale Time at TpT on August 29TH and 30TH! We have the Math resources you need to lighten up your load and make this your BEST SCHOOL YEAR EVER! Ready, Set, Go!

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This 32-resource bundle for 3rd Grade is easy to implement and WILL SAVE YOU TIME. The Math games, activities, and assessments in this bundle focus on the essential components that will provide your students with all the opportunities they need to practice their 3rd game math skills. From Multiplication, Geometry, and Fractions to Math Prefixes we have you covered with fun MATH games, Math vocabulary, activities, and assessments for third grade.

Math Sale Time at TpT – Math Bundles 25% off! USE CODE BTSBONUS2023

Math Sale Time at TpT – Math Bundles 25% off! USE CODE BTSBONUS2023

Fraction fun

Are you looking for engaging and fun math activities to practice fractions with your students? Grab this set of SEVEN math vocabulary games in both print and digital formats that will help your students learn the following terms: half, common denominators, equal parts, equivalent fractions, fourth, fraction, improper fraction, mixed numbers, numerator, proper fraction, simplest form, tenth, third, whole numbers, and denominator. Google slides of resources included.

Math Bundles 25% off! USE CODE BTSBONUS2023


Struggling to find a fun way to teach and practice Place Value in your 1st & 2nd Grade classrooms? The math games and activities – DIGITAL AND PRINT include 4 great math worksheets and activitiesPlace Value Games with 3 Digits is perfect for kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd-grade students.

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