Math Storytelling: Turning Numbers into Narratives

Have you ever thought that Mathematics can sometimes seem abstract and detached from real life? I have. One effective way that I love to make teaching math fun is by incorporating storytelling into my lessons.

Math Storytelling

Present math problems as stories or scenarios. For example, instead of asking, “What is 8 + 5?” you can say, “There are 8 apples, and you found 5 more. How many apples do you have now?”

Character Development

Create math characters or mascots that students can relate to. Give them names, personalities, and adventures. For example, “Mr. Rectangle loves to build houses. Can you help him find the area of this room?”

Math Adventures

Turn math into an exciting adventure. Students can go on quests to solve math problems or explore math-themed mysteries. I like to create a Missing Numbers Mystery or a Fraction Fairytale to intrigue my students!

Visual Aids

Use visual aids like drawings, diagrams, or storyboards to illustrate math concepts. These visuals can help students understand complex ideas and make math more engaging.

Student Math Storytelling

I like to encourage students to create their own math stories or word problems. This not only reinforces their understanding but also sparks creativity. It is fun to organize math storytelling contests or challenges so students can share their math narratives and compete for prizes or recognition.

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Weaving math storytelling into your math lessons and transform Math from a set of abstract rules into a captivating narrative that students will eagerly embrace.

Let me know below of ways you use Math Storytelling in your lessons!

Have fun and happy teaching!


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