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teaching Math

Hello everyone,
Thinking about Teaching Math all through the day? I just rewatched this video that I posted in a blog post back in 2013 from Edutopia!  I just watched it again and loved it and thought I would share it out again!

Hope you get some ideas and love it too!

Check out this short video about this school in Roseburg, Oregon making math part of every subject, every day! They have wonderful ways to continue Math all through the day!

Teaching elementary math through all subjects to young children, often referred to as interdisciplinary or integrated teaching, offers several benefits, here are a few:

  1. Relevance and Contextualization: Integrating math into various subjects helps children see the practical applications of mathematical concepts in real-world contexts. This makes math more meaningful and relevant to their daily lives, enhancing their understanding and motivation to learn.
  2. Enhanced Retention and Transfer: When math is integrated into other subjects, children have more opportunities to practice and apply mathematical skills in different contexts. This promotes deeper understanding, improves retention of knowledge, and facilitates the transfer of math skills across different domains.
  3. Engagement and Interest: Integrating math into subjects that children may already enjoy or find interesting can increase their engagement and enthusiasm for learning mathematics. It can also help alleviate math anxiety by presenting mathematical concepts in a more familiar and accessible way.
  4. Promotion of Higher-Order Thinking Skills: Interdisciplinary teaching encourages problem-solving, inquiry-based learning, and creativity, which are essential components of higher-order thinking skills. By incorporating math into various subjects, children are challenged to think critically and apply mathematical concepts in innovative ways.

Wishing you a great week ahead!

Let’s Teach! Lori

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Happy Teaching!

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