What to do with ELL Newcomer Students

Teaching ELL Newcomer students. What to do when they are new.

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Today will be taking a look at a lesson from our ELL Newcomer bundle. Teachers hearts are in the right place with their newcomer students… they want to help them learn English but at times, they don’t know where to begin or when they will have time to make resources. The activity below is an example of a targeted lesson that teaches your newcomers language they need to know with minimal prep for you the best of both worlds read on to take a peek 😊

The main goal of our English language learner (ELL) students is to expose them to the language. That means that our lessons are rooted in teaching vocabulary words that will help students understand the words they’re hearing, reading, and writing. Unfortunately if we only teach students vocabulary words we are doing them a disservice. Why is that? you ask – well we have to teach ELL Newcomer students how do use the words too. When we teach students vocabulary words we also need to give them a grammar point this helps students be able to use the new words in context right away

The lesson that we are taking a peek at today focuses on school supply vocabulary and the verb “to have”. As I mentioned above we always want to be sure we have a grammar point to go along with the vocabulary words that we are teaching. OK, let’s learn how to teach this lesson

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Start with Vocabulary Words

Show students picture cards for each school supply. ( an image of example picture cards is below.)

ESL Newcomer Activities

Explain what each picture shows allow students to make connections by saying the word in the first language if they want to.

Have students practice repeating vocabulary word aloud and using body language to convey the meaning of the word.

Students glue the picture cards onto a science board. Practice identifying what the picture show and how to pronounce the words in English.

ESL Newcomer Activities

Now that the students have been exposed to the vocabulary words let’s teach them how to use them in context

Teach students how to use the word ‘have’ with each pronoun. Use hand motions to show students who you are talking about. Have students repeat each sentence with have to practice

💧I have…

💧You have… 

💧He/She has… 

💧We have… 

💧They have…

Introduced students to the questions in the sentence frame using ‘have’. Help students practice asking and answering the questions aloud by using school supply vocabulary.

💧What do you have?  

💧I have a ________. (eraser, pencil, crayon, etc.)

give students the sentence flip sheet have them practice completing the sentence frame by using school supply vocabulary. Encourage students to write more than one example on the blanks on the bottom page of the flip sheet

ESL Newcomer Activities
ESL Newcomer Activities

ESL Newcomer Activities

This lesson showed how to teach targeted vocabulary and grammar to your students. It takes very little prep but is highly engaging and effective for your students.

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ESL Newcomer Activities

Ready, Set, Go!

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