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I am thrilled that you are here! 

I am Lori Wolfe, the teacher behind Fun to Teach. I live in Ashland, Oregon with my husband Sunny. Oh gosh, my Sunny and I have been married longer than we have not been! I love to garden and play around with mass plantings. Gardening is like teaching and every year I get to recreate my garden just like my classroom! 🌺🏡

It blows my mind, but I have taught for 23+ years. Time really does fly when you are having fun!📅

When I began teaching I was head over heels with bilingual (English and Spanish) 1st and 2nd grades. I graduated to third grade some years later and finally moved to teaching English to English language learners. That is when I found my true calling! ️ ❤️

The creation of this website and my 2 blogs help me keep my educational practices sharp, my resources fresh and the motivation for teaching, dynamic and FUN! I’m so excited to share my love for teaching, resources, and ideas with you. 📚

When I began my teaching journey I taught in 1st and 2nd grade bilingual classes. At that time very few bilingual and ESL resources existed so I began writing my own materials. 

After deciding that I wanted to make a bigger impact educationally, I decided to market those materials and went back to school and got my Masters in Curriculum Development. 🎓

For the last 10 years I have had the honor of creating and presenting ESL teacher workshops to hundreds of teachers and many districts.

I now pride myself on creating exceptional products that are engaging and fun, while still maintaining high expectations for students and their learning. 💡

Enhance your instruction and save time with products that are ready to go to work for you.

Invigorate your teaching with easy to use and innovative products by Fun To Teach!

Implement differentiated instruction in your class with our easy to use materials and curriculum.

My strongest belief is that all children deserve access to high quality resources.
I believe that all students can succeed.

The mission of Fun to Teach, is to ensure that exceptional resources are available for all learners, while lightening the prep time for teachers. My aim is to help teachers, just like you, to work smarter, not harder and deliver top notch, exceptional instruction!

I am so glad you are here! Together let’s simplify, save some time, and make it fun to teach!
Happy Teaching!

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