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Language Arts


Designed for elementary teachers and learners our units, games, activities and lesson plans for math, literacy, Spanish, and ESL ELD make it Fun To Teach!

Our materials are:

  • Aligned to national standards
  • Teacher-friendly,
  • Simple and clear easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Quick assembly.
  • Maximize teacher time


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Ideal for the following programs:

  • Spanish Enrichment
  • TAG & Gifted Programs                                   
  • ESL
  • ELD
  • SSL
  • Dual Immersion
  • Bilingual
  • Migrant
  • World Languages
  • Extended Day
  • Summer School
  • Home School
  • Great activities for before and after school programs!

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Grammar and Thematic Units

Educational ESL Materials In Each Book! Ideal materials to assist in teaching English Language Development. Explicit instruction in the rules of grammar!

Make your lesson planning easier with units which contain quick and easy plans and activities to stimulate and engage ESL students.

  • Picture Cards
  • Game Boards
  • Songs and Chants
  • Vocabulary Lists




Fun To Teach ESL ~ ELD Grammar Units are aligned to the language strand of the common core standards.

Teach language function and grammatical forms:

  • Introduce
  • review
  • reinforce

Your students will master the rules of English grammar, build vocabulary, and achieve academic language proficiency!


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