Math Games


Math Games – Fun to Teach is the #1 Education Site for K-12 Kids and Teachers. We offer bilingual elementary math games for kids in English and Spanish. We offer an assortment of fun and educational math games. These simple games include lesson plans, math games, math worksheets, and are easy to play. All math games are bilingual elementary math games and are available in English and Spanish.

Include MATH GAMES in your daily curriculum and watch your students’ math scores soar. MATH GAMES will help you develop math knowledge, conceptual understanding, and math skills in your students. MATH GAMES provides you the hands-on tools your students need to practice place value, calculations, math vocabulary, number sense and more!

Bolster your students’ test scores by improving their understanding of the math concept you are teaching. MATH GAMES help students deepen their understanding of math concepts through play!

Why use Math Games?

  • Watch math test scores soar as your students spend more time on task playing MATH GAMES.
  • No more searching for math materials in both English and Spanish! These reproducible games will save you time and money.
  • Hands-on math games provide students manipulatives to practice math concepts through play.
  • Developmentally appropriate games for elementary students.

What are Math Games?

MATH GAMES are teacher friendly tools with clearly outlined instruction pages that allow you more teaching time.

You will spend less teacher preparation time by using MATH GAMES which are easy to assemble.

Increase the amount of time your students are engaging in the math concepts you are teaching by providing fun and educational MATH GAMES activities.

All Math Games Include blackline masters to create:

• A variety of games

• Complete game boards, game cards, and activity blacklines

• Assessment tools

• Take home activities to send home so parents can participate in their children’s learning

Easy to use teacher’s guides include:

• A list of the contents of each package

• Simple easy to follow game instructions

• Clear & simple assembly instructions

• Game variations