Addition – Vocabulary Trading Cards – Math Activities And Lesson Plans


Addition  – Vocabulary Trading Cards

Math Activities And Lesson Plans

This 26-page unit has essential math words to build a foundation of math understanding.  Use whole class, with second language learners or struggling math students.  The child friendly games and activities give students meaningful ways to practice and comprehend word definitions!

The 15 carefully selected words focus on kid friendly definitions that offer rich information about the concept.  Words included are:  addition, add, addends, commutative property, how many, pattern, place value, more, digit, equation, in all, more than, regroup, sum and total.

There are 7 Math Games and Activities Included:

Match It Up!
I Know the Word
Tic Tac Go!
And the Answer Is…
Word Association
A Game of 20 Questions

Also included:

  • Flashcard Mania
  • Math Games as Homework

Reproducible black lines included in this package:
•A variety of games
•Complete game boards and game cards
•Activity black line masters
•Activities to send home
•Easy to use teacher’s guides
•Easy game assembly