Addition With 2 Digit Numbers- Math Games, Activities and Lesson Plans


Addition With 2 Digit Numbers

Math Games, Activities and Lesson Plans

This 23-page game package visually demonstrates to students that addition is grouping. These hands-on games and activities offer children a visual reference for the process of grouping.  Math Games offer beginning, struggling, and emergent readers a way to improve basic math skills through play. Using these fun child centered games encourages children to practice basic math skills while increasing their understanding of addition. Offering frequent and focused practice develops mastery and retention of math skills. Math Games offer this practice through play!

This package includes 3 Math Games:
✔ Add Those Numbers
✔ Make That Number
✔ Addition Boards -Making Numbers

✔ Timed Tests
✔ Student Score Bar Graph

Reproducible back lines included in this package:
-A variety of games
-Complete game boards and game cards
-Activity back line masters
-Activities to send home
-Easy to use teacher’s guides
-Easy game assembly