Reading 2 Digit Numbers- Math Games, Activities and Lesson Plans


Reading 2 Digit Numbers

Math Games, Activities and Lesson Plans

Identifying and reading 2 digit numbers is an essential skill for young learners.  With this 25-page math game packet you can develop this skill in your students.  Watch as your students learn to effortlessly read numbers 2 digit numbers in standard, word form  and written form.

This package includes 5 Math Games:
✔ Reading 2 Digit Numbers
✔ I Have It!
✔ Concentration
✔ Flashcard Mania
✔ Match It Up

✔ Homework Black lines

This game package includes black line masters for:
•Game board
•Game cards (written form)
•Game cards (numerals)
•Homework sheets
•Quick game assembly
•Teacher friendly game instructions