Regular Past Tense Verbs Song and Picture Cards


Regular Past Tense Verbs Song and Picture Cards

Ready, set, sing!Regular past tense verb song cover

Regular verbs end in “ed.” They make the past tense perfectly.

T, id, and d,
Are the sounds of “ed.”

They make the past tense easily.

Open your past tense English lesson with a song that will raise the oral academic language of your students to new heights.  The song is used in a call back or chant style. The fun lyrics with picture support provide a compelling way to begin your ELD lesson while targeting complex English Structures.

T3 sounds of ed screen shotshis 18-page song packet is great for reviewing or introducing regular past tense verbs.   Students learn how to correctly pronounce the ‘ed’ endings of regular past tense verbs.   “ED” can make the “T” sound, “D” sound, or “ID” sound depending on the word.  This is great for a multitude of grade levels!

This is a fun song/chant and will help your students identify the 3 sounds of “ed”.  This song/chant has an easy rhythm to follow and works great in small groups or whole class.  The song is reproducible so you can make a copy for each student in your class.  Get ready for fun!

Song activities included in this set:

  • Very Varied Voices
  • Call Back
  • Fill It In
  • Color It Up

This engaging unit contains:3 sounds song word cards

  • Song for regular past tense verbs
  • Picture/word cards for the 3 sounds of ‘ed’
  • Picture cards for the 3 sounds of ‘ed’
  • Word cards

Reproducible black lines included in this package:
-A variety of activities
-Activity black line masters
-Easy to use teacher’s guide
-Easy game assembly
To hear the chant go to

Happy Teaching!