💕Quick email to content teachers💕

Just sent this out to content teachers and I thought I would share it with you!


Have a great September!



Hi everyone,

We are knee deep back at school and looking good.

While you think about your classroom set up will you take a moment and make sure that:



1.              All of your English Language Learners are facing you at their desks.  To understand the content you are teaching they need to see your body language, facial expressions and  gestures, etc. so make sure they are not sitting with their backs to the teacher at any time.


2.             Each ELL should be sitting next to a strong native English speaker.  This provides an age appropriate English model.


3.             Assign a buddy peer to make sure your ELLs understand each direction and assignment you give.  Teach the buddy peer how to check their ELL buddy to make sure they are  understanding.

Have a great year!

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