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Here is a link to a great list of ideas to use with second language learners. 

Twenty-Five Quick Tips for Classroom TeachersTwenty-Five Quick Tips for Classroom Teachers

by Judie Haynes
Put any five of the following tips into practice and your English language learners will benefit from the improved instruction.

Thank you to:

Laurie Howard
ELL Specialist
Brookwood Elementary

for sending this list my way.  She also shared a great email signature which I added to the list of email signature tips on the side bar.

ELL Tip: ELs who have IEPs need MORE scaffolding, modeling, guided instruction, direct instruction, language structures, questioning (checking for understanding), prompts/clues/signals, frontloading,  and building of background knowledge.

She pulled this from an ELL/SpEd/RTI course given by Dr. Julie Esparza Brown @ PSU this summer.

Happy Teaching!



  1. I am a new ESL instructor. I just want to thank you for posting this information. I find lists like this very helpful because the are both general and specific. I was wondering if your students blog and if so would you offer advice on ways to use blogging in the classroom?

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