Looking for tips on teaching place value? Here is a checklist to determine if students have the necessary skills to understand place value.  If students don’t have these skills, STOP and teach these essential building blocks to understanding place value or your students will struggle with this cornerstone of mathematics throughout the year.

Place value is an important part of math. To see if your students understand the concept, follow these tips on teaching place value:

Place Value

Check to see if your students can name the digits 0-9?

Do students identify which digit is in what place?

Can your kids read and write numbers?

Understanding that the value of a digit changes depending on its place, do your students have this skill?

Assess that your students can represent numbers using expanded form.

Equally important, make sure your students can compare and order numbers based on place value.

Finally, when teaching place value make sure your students understand groups of numbers and can count by 2, 5, and 10. Skip counting is essential for a strong Math foundation. In addition, they should also be able to represent groups of numbers and have a firm understanding of the columns on a place value chart.


In conclusion, when teaching place value break the concept down into smaller pieces. Again, students can better understand Math concepts when presented in small parts. Place value is an important foundation for other math concepts and operations. It is crucial that students have a strong understanding of this principle. What’s more, by using games and activities, you can make learning place value fun for your students while helping them to build a strong foundation in math.

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