Skip Counting

Hey, elementary teachers! Time for skip counting! Are you ready to skip to the beat of some math mastery?

Let’s talk about the importance of teaching skip counting! Think of it like a dance – you gotta know the steps to move to the rhythm.

Skip counting helps children develop number sense and multiplication skills in a fun and interactive way. It helps children understand patterns in numbers, which is crucial for multiplication and division. It’s like creating your own math dance routine – you can count by 2s, 5s, 10s, or even get wild with 7s!

Increase number recognition, number sense, and seeing number patterns with this engaging essential.  At-risk students, ELs, and special education students all benefit from having a firm foundation in these Math areas. 

If you have English Learners (ELs) in your classroom skip counting is a great way to work on articulation.  Make sure your ELs are pronouncing the numbers correctly.  Many times the number three is incorrectly pronounced as ‘tree’.  This is the time to make sure that gets corrected! 

Teaching skip counting to students is easy.

Count by 2s, 5s, 10,s your way through transitions.  When lining up for recess or lunch encourage students to join you while you count by 2s.  This is great for practicing skip counting and creating a sense of urgency to save on transition time.

Another fun game to play with the whole class is ‘Let’s count by’. 

The teacher decides on a number to count by. Then the teacher calls out a number and the class responds with the next number. 

The teacher says:  Let’s count by 2

Teacher says: 4

Students say:  6

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Plus, this fun activity is a great way to boost mental math skills and make math more exciting. Prepare your students for more advanced mathematical concepts by teaching those kiddos to skip count like the math superstars they are!

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