Instructional Programs for ELLs

Hi everyone, 

For the next few Wednesdays I am blogging about the different programs offered to second language learners.

Today let’s look at Transitional bilingual (TBE) Programs.

According to the Oregon Department of Education – Office of Learning – Equity Unit, Transitional bilingual (TBE) Programs are described as:

This program, also known as early-exit bilingual education, utilizes a student’s primary language in instruction.  The program maintains and develops skills in the primary language and culture while introducing maintaining and developing skills in English.  The primary purpose of the TBE program is to facilitate the ELL student’s transition to an all-English instructional program while receiving academic subject instruction in the native language to the extent necessary.

There you have it!  Check back next Wednesday for –  Maintenance Bilingual (MBE/NL)!


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